It's all about the sizzle with a charcoal grill

It's all about the sizzle at Sake Restaurant & Bar with the introduction of their robata grill.

Sitting at the bar that part encircles the kitchen, you can not only see the chefs at work, painstakingly creating your food but also watch the grill glow as it cooks your dinner.

The Japanese have mastered this style of fire-side cooking over centuries.  It originated from the northern most island of Japan, Hokkaido, where a communal hearth was used both for cooking and for warmth.

Saké Head Chef, Daisuke Sakai
Saké Head Chef, Daisuke Sakai

It's like a barbecue, but slower as food on skewers is slow-grilled over hot coal. Traditionally its a combo of seafood and vegetables but at Sake they are offering pork, lamb, chicken, beef  and vegetables. The 1000 degree Celsius heat induces the bonito flakes on the skewers to literally appear to dance.

Saké Head Chef, Daisuke Sakai enjoys the fast pace of cooking on the robata grill and says that
“cooking in this method allows us to lock in more flavour, with a crispy and smokey exterior and a
melt-in-your-mouth freshness on the inside.”

The Robata - Japanese binchotan charcoal grill menu includes King brown mushroom with shiso butter, brined pork belly with braised daikon, chicken negima with Tokyo scallion,
Japanese eggplant with niku chicken miso, lamb chop with wasabi chimichurri, braised shortrib with akamiso, truffle, spring onions, green asparagus with tare, Maldon sea salt and dancing bonito and
charred corn with shiso butter spice.

Lamb chop w wasabi chimichurri
Lamb chop with wasabi chimichurri

Sake Restaurant, Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane

Ed+bK rating: 4/5 stars.  Great light start to an evening or a casual way to end the day.

Bottom line: Robata grill menu prices range from $8 to $20 for two skewers.

Disclaimer: Ed+bK was a guest of Sake.