The perfect picnic is easier than you think - 10 top tips

Weekends and holidays are a great time to get out and about and enjoy a picnic with family and friends, but there's a lot to think about.

Here's 10 top tips for organising the perfect picnic this festive season.

1. Prepare just a few things and do them well. To ease up on the cooking visit your local deli and top up with a few goodies like olives, beautiful cheese and crackers.

2. Put small bottles of water or juice in the freezer for a few hours. These can then double-up as chiller-blocks to keep food cool and when you reach your picnic spot, the drinks will still be cold.

3. Choose foods to serve all at the same time. The fun of a picnic is to spread all the food on the blanket and let everyone laze around, helping themselves. Pack plenty of fabulous picnic ware to add extra style.

4. If you are going to serve a decent wine then it seems a waste to serve in plastic glasses. Take some real glasses with holders that stick into the ground.

5. Got any leftovers? Take aham or roast turkey, accompany it with some salad, mayonnaise, cranberry sauce, stuffing and delicious fresh bread and let everyone make their own sandwich.

6. If you don’t have a rubber-based picnic rug put a plastic drop sheet under your blanket to avoid damp areas. Or if you are picnicking near a beach don’t forget your beach towels.

7. Take a quality cane picnic basket to add elegance to your picnic or opt for practical cool boxes and bags to keep food fresh in the summer heat.

8. Take plastic bags with you, one for rubbish and one for dirty plates and utensils.

9. A picnic wouldn’t be complete without some outdoor fun, so pack the football, frisby or boules.

10. And don’t’ forget these picnic essentials….insect repellent, sun tan lotion, bottle opener, napkins and cutlery and matches if you plan to barbecue.

Here's some of my favourite picnic spots around Brisbane. Where are yours?

Roma Street Parklands, Brisbane CBD.

One of the city's best kept secrets, this large park has everything from walking trails to large grassed areas for throwing out the picnic rug.  There's an oversized pond in the centre and botanic type gardens with sculptures dotted throughout on the hill.

Mount Tamborine, Scenic Rim, South East Queensland

Just a day trip from Brisbane, the cooler climes of Mount Tamborine are a great getaway.  Add in local produce to browse and views that stretch beyond the horizon and you've got a perfect picnic spot.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Brisbane

So close to the city centre, these cliffs offer a wonderful viewpoint over the city and benefit from cooling river breezes.

Mary Cairncross Reserve, Sunshine Coast Hinterland

My mother always told me to walk quietly through the rainforest here so I didn't wake the fairies.  They live under the thick green mossy areas and there are elves too!  These tales amused me as a child but this reserve still has plenty to offer as a picnic area.

Mt Glorious

Just a short drive west from Brisbane in to Brisbane Forest Park, there's a series of mountain getaways and parks with walking trails.  A great day out or picnic lunch destination.

Disclaimer:  Nothing to see here, just sharing food love.