Beer matching in the best Bavarian style

There’s nothing like matching a peckish stomach with a new craft beer to cure your afternoon hunger woes says Ed+bK Drinks Alexander Stone.

The Bavarian Bier CafĂ© in Brisbane’s Eagle Street Pier recently started brewing their own craft beers lines with a heavy lean towards pairing with food.

Already known for the solid range of Bavarian-style beers, they’ve gone for a twist on the standard craft beers that seem to be ubiquitous at every tap line I've seen lately.

The Craft Bites and beers range got me, an entrenched pub goer to lash out and grab a taste.

There are four different 150ml craft beers paired with four complimentary flavorful bites that dance along the line of filling you up with a nap needed afterwards.

Crisp pork belly with a cinnamon apple sauce washed down with the Hop Dock Wheat beer.
Crisp pork belly with a cinnamon apple sauce washed down with the Hop Dock Wheat beer. 

The first one I tackled was the crispy pork belly with a cinnamon apple sauce. The perfect crackling was washed down with a Hop Dock Wheat beer. 

Next the sweet and meaty combination of the Smokey BBQ Pork Belly and Butcher's Bride Pale Ale built on each other without overpowering the base smokiness of the whole ensemble. 

Spicy Cucumber & Kim-chi Salad followed with a light Munich Larger beer
Spicy Cucumber & Kim-chi Salad followed with a light Munich Larger Beer

Spicy Cucumber & Kim-chi Salad followed with a light Munich Larger that cancelled out the spicy notes, without taking away any of its boldness.

A Blue Eye Cod Fish and Chips with Tartare Blonde Moment brought back memories of sitting at the beach enjoying a feed, with the lightly thinly battered cod helping the Blonde Moment go down a little too quickly.

It’s definitely worth an afternoon stop to line the stomach before indulging in a few litre beer steins.

Bottom line: The new Crafty Tasting Paddle is $35 per paddle and the views are free.

Disclaimer:  Ed+dKDrinks was a guest of Bavarian Bier Cafe


How to turn Paleo the easy way

So you’ve been wondering about your diet and thinking about paleo, but it’s all a bit confusing?

Paleo guru Pete Evans will have you sorted at Noosa Food & Wine 2016 with a chat-style event on The Paleo Way, his 10-week activation program.

I started the Q&As with a few of my own to Pete.

How long have you been following the paleo diet and what changes has it made to your life?

Over five years now and the results are amazing. I have more energy and vitality, no more brain fog, digestive issues and skin issues are gone plus a chin or two!

What do you say to those who are willing, but overcome by the idea of moving to a paleo diet?

It is the simplest choice in the world to make. To eat foods that are nutritious and delicious compared to foods that are going to make your body weaker, it really is a no-brainer.

What is your favourite paleo dish?

I can’t go past a good roast with veggies

Who will be the ones to watch in the 'Surfers versus Chefs' breakfast on Sunday?

I think the chefs will have the edge over the surfers!  Ha-ha.

Well you better be on top form Pete, because my insider information says there’s a few top surf pros in the other team.  Good luck!

The Paleo Way with Pete Evans runs from 10 am to 12 pm on Saturday May 21.  Tickets cost $95 and include a light bite and welcome drink plus Pete’s 10-week activation program which is activated post event.

Be on the beach on Sunday from 6.30 am for breakfast and surfing entertainment provided by Pete Evans, Peter Kuruvita, Andreas Nielsen, Ben O’Donoghue and Samantha Gowing as they compete in the waves against surfing professionals.

The competition starts at 6.30am and is run by Classic Malibu in support of SurfAid. There’s also enjoy a free Pilates class from Luxe Fitness Escapes.

You’ll need to purchase a $30 ticket to the Surfers VS Chefs Breakfast. 

Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Noosa Food & Wine 2016