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New coffee pop up at Bardon

Coffee lovers in Bardon can rejoice with the opening of another place to get their daily fix.

Located on the corner of Simpsons Road and Burnham Road, this cosy little spot is so cool and low key it doesn't even have a name.

Inside there's a comfy lounge and some cushion-covered milk crates around another table.  There's also a few games for big and small kids and the daily papers.

It's a very relaxed set up with no formal menu, just great Black Star coffee, a few biscuits, cake slices and avocado on rye if you ask.

If you know the area, you'll realise it's taken over part of the convenience store which has been in the neighbourhood for years.

There's also a second-hand goods shop with plenty of stuff to browse through.  I've been doing some de-cluttering in preparation for a house move and feel I've stocked it single handed this week.  Sigh.

The seating, a collection of op-shop finds, spills out onto the street and there's also a large planter…

Port Douglas Carnivale - 10 days of food and fun

They know how to party in the tropics and it doesn't get much more tropical than Port Douglas.

If you like sand,sun and sea with swaying palm trees and clear skies, combined with a great selection of fine regional food - Port Douglas is your place, especially for 10 days from May 18.

The Port Douglas Carnivale starts with a slap up series of feasts that will challenge your appetite and endurance on one weekend (May 18 -20), perfect for a quick, indulgent getaway.
The opening weekend includes the -

Sheraton Mirage Longest Lunch May 18
Audi Plates of Port - dinner May 18
Food, Wine and A Taste of Port - dinner May 19
Meridien Seafood Extravaganza - lunch May 20

I visited Port Douglas in March for a sneak preview of what's on offer and it's good, very good.

Sheraton Mirage Longest Lunch 

This is the ideal excuse for a very, very long lunch. There’s pre-arranged seating under a beautiful lakeside marquee, and table service of a highly anticipated, three course menu showcas…

Grill'd, Wintergarden CBD

Just another Grill'd you might think, this time in the city.

Wrong!  This one has bells and whistles and a bar.

It's still uber casual and burger themed but there's more, including steak knives.

Yes, you can now cut your burger in two if you can't get your mouth around the whole thing.  We all did it and the burger was most easier to eat.

The Brisbane Wintergarden store is the first of a new concept roll out that offers a new menu with nibbles and a full serviced bar with beers, ciders and signature cocktails. There's local beers including Burleigh Brewing and Little Creatures, Stone & Wood and Matilda Bay Dirty Granny cider on tap.

The nibbles include lamb, pork and chicken meat balls with sauces and seasoning and premium selections of olives and warmed nuts.

I tried some of the new burger additions to the menu recently and enjoyed the experience.  If you're familiar with the type of burger you get at the golden arches, you'll find nothing the same at G…

Latest Tasty Bits from bmag

Taste the Port - discover what's happening this year for the Port Douglas Carnivale, host a dinner for MS, call in a Kitchen Angel,  World Class 2012 competition finalist Perryn Collier at The Laneway,  and explore Public - the new bar-cum-restaurant in George Street.

bmagazine is a free magazine in Brisbane covering food, fashion, entertainment, home, travel, local and national stories of interest, wine, movie, dvd and books

Anzac biscuits with a touch of rosemary

I didn't really discover Anzac Day until about 15 years ago when I went to a dawn service.

It was an effort getting small children up so early in the morning and then heading into the city for the Anzac Square service.  The still, cool morning air, the singer's voices, the bugle, the strange flickering light from the everlasting flame, a feeling of sadness and gratitude and the bouquets of flowers with messages for lost ones, are what I remember.

Afterwards we all enjoyed a slap up brekkie with bacon, eggs and more followed by a sleepy afternoon as we tried to catch up lost sleep.

My son rang yesterday to ask me if I was going this year. I'm passing tomorrow as it's been a hectic time lately but I will be joining him for a very early breakfast.  Thank you for the invitation Xander!

My grandmothers both lost brothers in the war - one on a hospital ship on the eastern coastline and the other shot down while flying.  Although I never knew Roy and Sid, the grief of their…

Top sweet steam bun flavours?

My mouth has been drooling reading through your sweet filling suggestions for The Bun Mobile - can't wait until these become a reality Harold - bring it on!

The first part of the competition is now closed.

Drum roll - the finalists are -

Nutri Gurl's Baked ricotta with fresh apple slices, walnuts, honey and cinnamon. Matt Mc Q's Grilled mango and passionfruit curd.
Lisa O'C's Banana with salted peanut caramel.

The winner, who will have $100 of steam buns to eat when ever they like, will be decided by a popularity competition on Facebook finalising Wednesday 5pm.

Check out Eat,drink and be Kerry on Facebook to vote for your favourite.

Where to find Brisbane's best markets

Exploring the many fresh food and produce markets Brisbane has to offer has become somewhat of a weekend ritual for most Brisbanites.

If you're heading out to a market my best tips are
Take a hat and a trolley bag. Slip a cooler bag in to the trolley and you'll be able to buy fresh seafood if you find it. Take the dog with you but remember not all markets are dog friendly.The best bargains are always at the end of the market trading day when the stall holders are packing up.  Brisbane Region Jan Power’s Farmers Market BRISBANE, Reddacliff Place, Queen Street,
MANLY,Cambridge Parade & Cardigan Parade, Manly Esplanade
Powerhouse, NEW FARM, 49 Zillman Road, Brisbane Powerhouse
MITCHELTON,Blackwood Street       

The Jan Power’s Farmers Markets are held in five locations across Brisbane. A wide range of fresh foods and produce is on offer. This can include seafood, homemade cheeses, fresh vegetables, vinegars and paste, homemade ginger beer, deserts, gelato, freshly-baked bre…

Dine like a Roman at 1889 Enoteca

The top end of Logan Road at Woolloongabba never ceases to amaze me.

It's cute, quirky, filled with great restaurants, interesting antique shops and one of a kind homewares. Parking is surprisingly easy to find on the street and will only cost you a few dollars for a couple of hours.

I was there today for an Australian Society of Travel Writers Lunch which was hosted by Trafalgar Tours. We dined family style on one long table, serving ourselves from platters in the middle of the table.  This was designed to echo Trafalgar's new Be My Guest tours.

It seems the days when Trafalgar could be called just a bus tour travel company are gone.  They still have the buses, but now they are taking us inside people's homes to dine, cook and meet the locals.  It's all about family run properties and working farms, including dining with Beatrice de Montferrier and her daughter Alexandra in the warmth of their 17th-century farm on regional produce.

Or hearing stories from Klaus Nicke…