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G20 menu at Treasury Casino, Brisbane CBD

TRYP Hotel brings new cool to Brisbane

You could be forgiven for thinking you’ve taken a wrong turn and ended up in a Valley night club when wandering the corridors of Brisbane’s newest hotel, TRYP.

Just like its name, this hotel is quirky and fun, bound to surprise and anything but boring. From the buffalo head adorned staircase to the meeting room bookcase, there’s something to catch your eye where ever you turn.

Breakfast at Botanica, Red Hill

There's a new baby at  Red Hill's Botanica!

I'm not talking about the bundle of joy that arrived for Botanica owners Brett and Alison Hutley last year.

No, this is more of the pop-up kind of baby that sits within Botanica and brings a whole new meaning to breakfast on-the-go. 

Forget shakes, juices or muesli in a cup, from 6am to 9am, Tuesday to Friday, a breakfast pop-up takes over the cabinet at Botanica with a list of options that taste so good you'll want to eat them for dessert too.

Think bircher muesli with apple, macadamia nuts and orange; overnight oats with toasted coconut, cherry chia seed jam and cacao nibs, strawberries and cream chia seed pudding and coconut yoghurt with roasted flaked coconut and caramelised buckinis.

In the Botanica way, you choose four options from the cabinet and they go into one takeaway breakfast container.  Of course you can load it with just one, two or three options if you prefer.

There's more but I'm going to leave them…

The Athenaeum, London

Welcome, says the very tall, silver haired hotel doorman with a smart red tie and top hat, and he actually sounds as though he means it.

The Athenaeum is located in a seriously posh part of London where the streets are filled with the latest model Porsche, Maserati and Rolls Royce cars, but the vibe at this hotel is all about feeling at home. Family-owned with five-stars, the hotel overlooks Green Park in Piccadilly.
It’s lux all the way with plenty of marble and mirrors making our room seem like a stage set but it’s the little touches that make all the difference.The very thick, piped bath robes and equally plush white towels, the soft feather pillows and quilt on the queen-sized bed and the refreshing aroma of the bergamot-infused toiletries. 

Best of all, I opened the complimentary (except alcohol) mini bar to discover some of my fave things – Ben & Jerry ice cream, Mars bars, and gourmet potato chips.
Things I loved about this hotel include the oversized shower, which had seriousl…

Where to find the best wiener schnitzel in Vienna

A crisp, golden brown exterior around a thin, tender slab of veal – that’s wiener schnitzel perfection and I found it at Plachuttas Gasthause zur Oper in Vienna.
My European foodcation would not be complete without trying this Viennese classic.
The dish dates from the mid-19th century and the Austrians are generous enough to acknowledge that it may have originated in northern Italy as the costoletta alla milanese – a similar coated, but thicker veal cutlet.
We have the famous Austrian field marshal Count Joseph Radetzky, to thank for bringing the recipe back to Vienna from the Italian territories under the Habsburg rule.His aide-de-camp added a side note to a report on the situation in Lombardy about a ‘deliciously breaded veal cutlet’.It was enough to generate interest from the Emperor who personally requested the recipe on Radetzky’s return.
There’s definitely skill involved in getting the coating just right.I’ve had mixed results – sometimes it seems that there’s just no ‘stick’.Have a…