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Friday night with friends in the CBD sorted

Imagine the food child of a too cool for school Californian beach dude and a portly, Italian Nonna dressed in black and you’d call it Santa Monica Pizza & Burger Bar.
Taking over an unloved corner on the high end of Brisbane’s Ann Street, Santa Monica oozes fun beach vibes and Italian aromas to a noisy crowd.They have to be noisy because the open plan restaurant is surrounded by busy city streets, but that only adds to the buzz here.

There’s plenty of Italian love in the Santa Monica Pizza & Burger Bar, and the menu has a selection of pizza and pasta covering all the favourites.Order the Primavera and you’ll find it comes scattered with an ample amount of prosciutto and a Napoletana sauce handles gooey mozzarella oh so well. The burgers take their lead from the Californian heritage and include everything from crispy chicken to everyone’s favourite pulled pork.We’ll forgive them for having a shrimp instead of prawn baguette because this is a slice of the good old US of A.
If y…

How to bust your carbs with natural ingredient combinations

Take a fresh look at carbs and keep them in check with recipes from Carbs by Numbers where high carb foods are substituted with natural ingredients.

Authors Sanda Dunbar and Meg Pell spent two years turning the traditional food pyramid upside down creating a cook book that makes cutting carbs super easy. The book won a silver medal in the International 2016 Independant Publisher Book Awards.

Guest reviewer Liza Nuing of Brisbane Experience  found much to like about this new book.

Carbs by Numbers is a book of low carb recipes, the first cookbook written by Sandra Dunbar and Meg Pell who live on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

This cookbook won a Silver Medal at the Independent Publisher Book Awards 2016. At first glance, the cookbook is of medium size, cheerful colour and easy to read print. There are options for meat lovers and vegetarians with a photo accompanying each recipe.

Recipes are also colour coded by how many grams of carbs are in them, with the maximum being 15g in…

Travel the world bite by bite with Kerry now on podcast

Join me travelling the world bite by bite on my brand new podcast where I talk to the people who make, bake and grow the food you love to eat.

In Episode 1 I talk to head chef and co-owner of Indulge Cafe in Bundaberg, Queensland. Indulge has taken the Brisbane Times Good Food Guide 2016 People's Choice Award for the second year in a row, proving you don't have to be in a major capital to run the sort of cafe that everyone wants on their doorstep.

Amanda generously shares her secrets to success in this entertaining chat which explains her philosophy on food, running a cafe and what makes the Bundaberg region so special.

Read more about Amanda and Indulge Cafe here

You can subscribe to the Eat, drink & be Kerry podcast at audioBoom, Stitcher, Pocketcasts and shortly at iTunes.  Check your other podcatcher apps as well.

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Searching for a princess in a Lombok lagoon

Each year on the full moon in February, the Sasak people of Lombok in Indonesia gather to search for a beautiful lost princess who put love for her people above all other love.

Lombok's Bau Nyale Festival celebrates the legend of the Mandalika Princess around the appearance of fluorescent Nyale sea worms which arrive for only a day or two and then disappear for another 12 months.

The south coast beaches of Lombok, including the beach lagoon in front of Novotel Lombok, are where people gather to catch the thousands of worms that appear and spawn in the sea. The ugly sea worms are believed to be the manifestation of the Princess Mandalika, the “Putri Nyale” or “Princess of Light” who according to legend, sacrificed her happiness and her life so that the people of Lombok might live in peace.

Faced with a choice between one of three princely suitors and perhaps creating jealousy and hatred among the subjects of the three kingdoms of Lombok, the beautiful princess fled to Mandalika mo…

Searching for Felix in Brisbane's hidden laneways

Burnett Lane is one of the cool spots in Brisbane's CBD with plenty of hidden gems if you know which doors to enter, such as Felix For Goodness.

This quirky alleyway runs between George and Albert Streets parallel to Queen Street. It's the sort of place where you either know where to go, or you spend a lot of time wandering up and down looking a bit lost.

So here's the tip - find the middle of the laneway and then head down towards the Albert Street end checking doorways on the left.  It's not the door that looks like belongs on a Superman set with  SW etched into metal - that's Super Whatnot - but just a little further down.

It looks like this.  You head up the stairs into what was a former loading bay and storage room for a record store - not a space that's in much demand these days - and you've found Felix!

Head up the stairs and you'll find this great little cafe where the food looks so good, and the coffee tastes even better.  It's all made fr…