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Decide your dining by the Pleasure Principle

When it comes to food it's all about the pleasure principle for me. Pleasure in anticipation, pleasure in dining and pleasure in remembering the meal.

Dining at Esquire, one of Brisbane's two three hat restaurant, ticks all those boxes and more but throw in some excellent foodie company and the day is sure to just as memorable as the beef tendon crisps topped with peanut and lime zest that were offered as pre-lunch nibbles.

Along with food writer and blogger Christine Salins and food writer Fiona Donnelly, I lunched with Sophie Mibus from Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism Program and food consultant (and current student) Tawnya Bahr.

Sophie hails from Adelaide where the online Le Cordon Bleu Gastronomic Tourism course is based at the Southern Cross University. Tawnya is a current student and based in Sydney although her business also takes her around Australia conducting food tours for professionals.  She completes one module per semester (three semesters a year) a…

Anzac biscuits with a Turkish twist - recipe

It's still the sweet, crunchy traditional biscuit loved across our sweeping plains, but this delightful twist on the Anzac biscuit tradition incorporates vanilla extract, rosewater and slivered almonds, and is garnished with a dust of icing sugar.

Bacchus Restaurant Head Chef Mark Penna has taken this humble yet famous biscuit and added some very special touches to celebrate the 100th anniversary.

His Turkish Anzac Biscuit is  “The Anzac biscuit is an important part of our history, it is as Australian as the damper, the billy boiling and the swagman. To celebrate this simple biscuit that is so loved by us all, I’ve just added an extra touch of love, I hope everyone enjoys.”

The Turkish Anzac Biscuit

Ingredients: Oats 85g Desiccated coconut 85g Flour 100g Sugar 100g Butter 100g Golden syrup 1 tablespoon Bi-carb 1 teaspoon Boiling water 2 tablespoons Mixed spice ½ teaspoon Vanilla extract ½ teaspoon Rose water 30ml Slivered almonds 80g
Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees Celsi…

Taste Southern Queensland Country with Lamb Pot Sticker Dumplings

Autumn is the time of year when Southern Queensland Country can take your breath away with its beauty.  It's all about crisp mornings, bright blue skies, chilly nights that demand a warming fire and drifts of autumn leaves.

Where's southern Queensland country? Well we are talking about towns like Warwick, Stanthorpe, Toowoomba, St George, Roma, Dalby and Kingaroy.

Nature has been generous in this part of the world with a four seasons landscape as well as bounteous local produce.  The fine folk of this region are inviting us all to connect with the earth, put our fast forward lives on hold and spend time with loved ones under their southern country stars.

Kate Jones, Minister for Education, Minister for Tourism, Major Events and Small Business, and the Minister for Commonwealth Games was wearing her tourism hat and developing her cooking skills at  The Golden Pig for the  Southern Queensland Country Breathe Break launch. Kate showed a deft hand with Lamb Pot Stickers (see the …

Wham Bam Banh Mi, Petrie Terrace

If you are not seriously addicted to the flavour-filled Vietnamese rolls known as banh mi, you will be after a mouthful of the creations at Wham Bam Bahn Mi on Brisbane's Petrie Terrace.

The banh mi takes an ordinary roll to another level with the combination of a crisp Vietnamese style baguette, tender meat and pickled vegetables to add both crunch and flavour.

You'll find this weekday lunchtime pop up in the pretty courtyard entrance to Libertine Restaurant at the Police Barracks on Brisbane's Petrie Terrace.

Head Chef Linton Smith has come up with a short menu of bahn mi faves plus some noodle salad bowls.

Libertine Restaurant owner Andrew Baturo says bahn mi are the super heroes of sandwiches.  "They are so good they should be wearing capes and fighting crime," he says. "We are also doing a healthy selection of crunchy Vietnamese salad bowls."

I have two favourites on the menu. 3 Little Pigs is pig three ways - roast pork, red braised pork and pork…

Anzac Day 2015 - commemorate with Anzac Biscuits

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