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How to find true love on the Great Barrier Reef

See the Great Barrier Reef in its full wonder from the air in the Whitsundays and you'll discover its secret coral heart.

There are shorter and cheaper options, but the full Air Whitsunday Panorama Tour is really worth the splurge. There's a reason why it is their signature tour.  It is bucket list stuff with a half day (four and a half hours) enjoying an eagle's eye view of the Whitsunday Islands National Park and the Great Barrier Reef, with snorkelling, beach combing and champagne of course!

Leaving from Whitsunday Airport, located about 15 minutes from Airlie Beach, we boarded a small aeroplane to head out over the Great Barrier Reef to the first destination, Whitehaven Beach.

Our group was small, only nine people including the pilot, which is in stark contrast to the numbers on some of the boat trips which ply the same route.

It was coral bloom time so the normally clear blue water was decorated with ribbons of floating algae which is all part of the reef's ren…

A day on the Great Barrier Reef straight from Brisbane

Tiny Lady Elliot Island and its surrounding reef are one of Queensland's best kept secrets!

Most don't realise that it's possible to enjoy a true reef experience on a day trip without departing from Cairns or the Whitsundays.

Lady Elliot is an easy day trip for visitors located in Brisbane. In just 10 hours I was whisked from Brisbane's CBD to Lady Elliot and back via a scenic coastline flight. I managed a lagoon swim, glass bottom boat tour and snorkelling with turtles, rays and schooling fish, a relaxed lunch, reef walk and fish feeding. We left the heart of the city at 7.30am, and I was back by 6 pm.

The coastline flight was an unexpected highlight as we passed over places where I've holidayed many times from Sunshine Beach to Fraser Island.

Although I was hardly marooned, stepping foot on Lady Elliott felt a bit 'Robinson Crusoe'. It's a small, compact island that's packed with so much wildlife, wide coral beaches and natural beauty you might n…

Front and centre on one of Queensland's best beaches

When it comes to waves I can be a bit of a wuss, preferring to bob gently like a tea bag instead of being propelled jet liner style to the beach, which is why I love to swim at Noosa's Main Beach.

Here the waves are consistently gently and the temperature is normally mild.  Add that to the shopping opportunities in nearby Hastings Street and its wide selection of dining delights and there's not really much more I could ask for.  Except maybe a scenic walk to the Noosa National Park in the morning and a ferry ride on the river each afternoon.

Have I ticked all your boxes too?

Staying with Noosa Main Beach on one side and Hastings Street on the other is a little bit of heaven to me.  Simply walking out past the three pools at Seahaven for a beach swim is hard to beat, unless it's sitting on the deck watching the world unfold itself at your feet.

Seahaven has been a Noosa holiday destination for many years but its recent renovation has brought a new level of comfort and soph…

The five best insider food tips for Woodford Folk Festival

So you’ve done the shopping thing, the cooking thing and the family thing, all the tasks that come hand-in-hand with Christmas celebrations.

Now it’s time to head off to one of Australia’s largest folk festivals - Woodford from  December 27 to January 1.

With more than 2000 artists, musicians and presenters spread across 400 acts and 25 venues and an audience of around 120,000 people, this is one of Australia's largest arts and music festivals.

There's an app, of course, to help you find your way around the grounds, plan your personal program and keep track of your friends.

It runs every year from  December 27 to January 1, a time when Brisbane's weather is notoriously unpredictable and predictable.  You know it's either going to be really hot or really wet.  Anything in between is an absolute bonus.

Don’t forget your hat, sunglasses, a water bottle and sunscreen.  A fan, water spray bottle, parasol or sarong for the shoulders (doubling as a picnic mat and late night …

Happy Holidays from Eat,drink+beKerry

I'm wishing for a happy Christmas filled with love and joy for each and every one of you, my fabulous readers.

Just to prove you're never too old to have a bit of fun and look silly, here's a video to make you laugh!

All my best
Kerry xxx

30 minutes with Poh, one of Australia's most loved cooks

Just mention her name and most food lovers confess a crush for celebrity chef Poh Ling Yeow.

It seems she has stolen many hearts and I can tell you that she’s just as lovely in person as she seems on television.

Poh’s food career started back in 2009 with the first season of Ten’s MasterChef Australia. Since then she’s gone on to her own cooking show, Poh’s Kitchen and lately with a new series Poh & Co where she trips around the country.

But she’s also an actor, an artist and an author with several cookbooks under her name.

Her latest project is a small café called Jam Face which is crammed into an aisle in the Adelaide Central Markets.

It’s a crazily crowded venue and you have to squeeze between tables to reach the seats at the back, which are of course the only ones that are likely to be vacant, but people do, and I did to ask Poh about what gets her out of bed each day.

It was a great chat about food and cooking with this modest chef. My only regret? I forgot to ask about her …

Surprise the family with a Brazilian Christmas

Discover the real taste of Christmas in Brazil with traditional foods that go way beyond the much-loved grilled meat churrasco.

Christmas Eve in Brazil is traditionally the most important day of the festive season and is marked by celebrations with family and friends, exchanges of gifts and the long-awaited Christmas dinner.

A typical Christmas dinner features foods from diverse origins, all with a distinctive Brazilian touch. Imported from the United States, the tradition of eating turkey at Thanksgiving is now popular in Brazil. It is the main course of the Christmas menu despite the fact that Christmas in Brazil is celebrated in the heat of summer.

The turkey may be substituted by the chester, a type of super-chicken with more meat concentrated in the chest and back regions of the bird, free from bones. (Pictured above, image courtesy Alexander Mazzo/ Gazeta do Povoa). There is also the tender, a piece of smoked ham with a round shape, which is usually decorated with Indian cloves…