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Out of the box foodies treat and giveaway

Foodies with an insatiable appetite for new discoveries will be delighted by Alex van de Velde’s new Little Box of Yum.

Delivered to your door each month, Little Box of Yum contains anything from gourmet sauces and hand-made chocolates to imported speciality foods.  The only thing that’s guaranteed is that you won’t find any of the contents in your local supermarket.

Inside the box is a Discovery Booklet with background on the product producers and tips on how to use the contents.  Ed+bK has four Little Boxes of Yum, each valued at $40 (+$8 postage) to give away at the end of this post.

Alex says Little Box of Yum is like being a lazy gourmet - you get the products, the story and the recipes, without needing to lift a finger!

“What makes it special, besides the fun of opening up a surprise box full of delicious food, is that we include a Discovery Booklet with the box so you can learn about the food and the people who make it, so it becomes food with a story. We even feature recipes…

Need to know - Top cuts from this week's food news

This week find out what's growing in your own 'backyard', get the goss on a new restaurant/bar opening, discover cold press coffee, enjoy a royal afternoon tea or weekday lunch special, take an Asian cooking class and eat healthy chocolate.

Eat local week
It's time to find out where your food really comes from with a visit to the Scenic Rim. See those mountains in the distance? That area just out of Brisbane is the Scenic Rim and it's and incredibly rich agricultural area.

Eat Local Week is on from June 23 to 30 celebrating local food production with a Carrot Field Day on June 29 from 9am to noon. You can pick your own carrots, see the tractors, harvesters, planters etc and tour the washing and packing factory.

The week culminates in the Winter Harvest Festival on Saturday June 29 from noon to 5pm. There will be food and wine tastings, cooking demos, activities for children and a Tractor Pulling Competition.  Find our more at…

How to choose a short-term apartment in European cities

Staying in an apartment when you travel seems like a good option when you are planning to stay more than a couple of days.

The opportunity to make more than a cup of tea (if you are lucky) and swing the metaphorical cat around the room will make you feel like you are living like a local rather than just a transient visitor.

But how to make an apartment choice?

Here's a cute info graphic that will help you get closer to a good apartment choice and some travel tips for top cities including London, Rome, Paris, Venice, Amsterdam and Florence

luxury vacation rental guide

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post - simply spreading travel tips.

Scooting from Gold Coast to Taipei

While I'm no novice to budget airlines, I like my comforts just like the next person, so let's find out what the experience is actually like when you fly on the cheap, long haul. Is it worth sacrificing a few comforts to save some dollars?

Scoot airlines have just celebrated their first birthday in Australia. They fly to ten cities including Singapore, Sydney, Gold Coast, Bangkok, Tokyo, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shenyang, Nanjing, Seoul and Taipei. I am test driving their Gold Coast -Singapore -Taipei route.

Scoot General Manager Daren Wright is a friendly face at the airport as we check in. He tells me that they have 20 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft on order, due to arrive in 2014. Darren’s a man who has it made. As Scoot Australia’s only full time employee (ground and flight crew are all contract workers) he works from his home, a property in Northern New South Wales. Rather than some dreary office view, his desk overlooks acreage and farm animals. Good one Darren!

First issue i…

10 Reasons to Visit Australia's North Stradbroke Island

Lapped by the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean, pure white-sand beaches stretch for miles along the eastern side of Australia’s North Stradbroke Island, creating a magnet for surfers, campers and nature lovers. Around 50 percent of the island — the second largest sand island in the world — will be national park at year’s end. It is also home to an amazing collection of rare and endangered land (wallabies, bandicoots) and sea creatures (tortoises). Yet thanks to its location about 19 miles southeast of Brisbane, the island isn’t difficult to get to; the trip from the mainland takes around 50 minutes by barge, which also carries your car, or 25 minutes by water taxi.

Read this story on Startle

Tasty Bits from bmag

Just two items in this week's bmag Tasty Bits column - Spring's High Tea for ChariTea and Eat Local Week in the Scenic Rim.

Read the details below or visit and don't forget to tell them you miss your regular Tasty Bit updates at

Disclaimer:  Kerry Heaney writes regular food columns and travel stories for Brisbane's bmag which is delivered to 420,000 Brisbane homes every fortnight.

Knock knock! – it’s Hello Fresh at the door

If only all cooking weeks could be as stress free as this one.

“What?” you say. “She’s a food blogger, she must love cooking!”

Well I do, but I also love writing and I also love finding new places to write about and then there’s the writing work that actually pays the bills and then there’s my family… did they really come at the end of the list?

The truth is, like most busy people I like to cook but finding the time to prepare a good meal is hard. I often work until six or seven pm and then again after dinner. And I’m not keen on spending hours in the kitchen when I’m on deadline.

Enter this week’s joy – Hello Fresh. This is a delivery service that brings all the ingredients and recipes for meals that you prepare yourself, right to your door.

I got to try a week’s worth of Hello Fresh meals after meeting HelloFresh Australia’s Founder and CEO Tom Rutledge of Masterchef fame.  Tom cooked up lunch for a group of food bloggers and explained how it all works.

Seems that Tom (pictured abo…

Celebrate the Queensland food adventure with Regional Flavours, July 20-21, 2013

Surrounded by gardens  of South Bank Parklands and one of Brisbane’s best ‘eat streets’, this year’s Regional Flavours will celebrate the Queensland food adventure on Saturday July 20 and Sunday, July 21.

Whether you’re hopping on a plane to experience the world’s best restaurants, foraging at local markets for fresh ingredients, mastering the latest food technique or simply experimenting with seasonal produce in your humble kitchen, in July your food adventure starts at South Bank.

With more than 100 of the State’s best producers; a main stage program; an onsite bar; a children’s food adventure area and a dedicated riverfront gourmet food and jazz event at River Quay, the fifth Regional Flavours has something for everyone.

Located on Little Stanley lawns, the Epicurious Tent is home to on-trend demonstrations and presentations by local, interstate and TV celebrity chefs. Both Saturday and Sunday will feature series two winner Adam Liaw MasterChef and Hayden Quinn from MasterChef series …

Postcard from Taiwan

I'm feeling the love here in Alishan National Scenic Area in Taiwan, just like this heart-shaped tree I found while walking through the park.
It was just after the two lakes which, from local history, remember the story of two sisters who fell in love with the same boy.  Of course that didn't end well, but pagoda on the lake was a pretty spot to stop and enjoy the reflections.
Alishan is big, 415 square kilometres in size, and my guess is that most of it is mountainous, waterfall-covered hillside, carpeted with rich green vegetation.  
The people are generous, helpful and welcoming and I'm enjoying my visit.
A find out more about Alishan at and more about Taiwan at
Disclaimer: Ed+bK is travelling around Taiwan with the support of Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

Find seaside fun and plenty of smiles at Caloundra

Standing on the balcony in the soft morning light, looking over towards the Pacific Ocean’s bright blue water and white sand-edged Pumicestone Passage with the giant outlines of the Glass House Mountains in the distance, I wonder why I don’t come to Caloundra more often.

It only took us an hour to get here, instead of two hours to Noosa, and the place seems clean, fresh and bright.  On the walking track that winds along the sea front way below, I can see plenty of people out enjoying the sunshine, some with a sturdy walk and other on a light stroll.

When I hit the beach there’s a big smiley face waiting for me in the sand.  The locals are happy here or maybe they are just making fun of this town’s nickname ‘clowntown’.  It's a little unfair to call such a beautiful place anything other than gorgeous, but I’m being to think Caloundra is all about clowning around and just having fun.

Last night’s dinner at Tides Waterfront Dining , which is located upstairs on the corner of Minchi…

Cook4Me – yes please! + giveaway valued at $349.95

At first I was afraid, I was petrified!

Kept thinking I could never let this monster inside my kitchen. But then I spent so many nights wishing my dinner would cook quicker so I could eat earlier and I grew strong and learned how to get along with pressure cookers!

It all goes back to five-year-old me sitting at the kitchen table while the old fashioned pressure cooker burbling along on the stove top.  In an instant the world changed as the jiggler steam suddenly turned into a loud hissing stream and my mother ran frantically to the stove to fix it.  No, it didn’t explode, but I was scared.

Flick forward more than a few years and I’ve decided to be as strong at Gloria Gaynor and try pressure cookers again.  My first purchase was a Breville Fast Slow Cooker and it did everything I asked of it but then I was offered a Tefal Cook4Me and I’m deep in love.

Tefal say this cooker is quite revolutionary and I have to agree. It does just what the name, Cook4Me, says and cooks a huge range o…