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Asana by Pete Evans, Brisbane CBD

Food that tastes good but is also good for you is what you’ll find at Asana by Pete Evans.

This is the first venture from well-known chef and paleo ambassador Pete Evans into Brisbane in his role as consultant chef and chief menu designer for a Capri by Fraser in Albert Street, Brisbane.

The restaurant is every bit as bright and shiny as Pete Evan’s smile and has a mix of comfortable bench seating and not-so-comfortable bright yellow metal chairs.  Whoever designed these chairs should be made to sit in them for an extended period, and then some.

The theme is fresh, nutritious and delicious all-day dining, showcasing the best Queensland produce and reflecting Pete’s great love of food.

As befits a restaurant where the food is actually good for you, there’s a subtle inclusion of fermented vegetables in various forms throughout the menu.  There’s also healing broths - chicken with ginger, lemon, native greens and soft egg or turmeric, cumin and lemon.

I settled on a starter of lemongras…

Noma, Sydney

It’s a match made in heaven, Noma luminary Rene Redzepi’s culinary talents combined with Australia’s food and wine, and it’s happening in Sydney for ten weeks from January 2016.

First invited to Australia for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Redzepi has been drawn to Australia’s unique landscape which is so different from his home. He says he is coming here to learn from the Australian landscape.

The menu will be totally inspired by Australian ingredients and foraged from around the country and Redzepi has already been in Tasmania, Adelaide and Melbourne looking for inspiration.

The doors will close in Copenhagen, Denmark as Noma opens at its new waterfront home at Barangaroo on Sydney Harbour in a collaboration with Tourism Australia and Lendlease.

Dining at Noma is certainly on my bucket list so I'll trying for a booking here just like the rest of Australia's food lovers.  Competition is bound to be stiff. (Details on how to register interest are at the end of this pos…

Les Folies de Paris, Spring Hill

Spring Hill now has a Paris end with the opening of a French-inspired boulangerie and patisserie, Les Folies de Paris.

You'll find it where Kennigo Street meets Water Street in an old shop front which has been renovated.
At the back is the kitchen and the front half of the shop contains the goodies plus a couple of tables to eat in.  They also serve coffee.

Amongst the temptations on offer is, as I was told by one bread lover, Brisbane's best rye bread.  You'll also find baguettes, sour dough, stone baked ciabatta and bread rolls.

There's a very large range of macarons and delicious French pastries produced by one of the first bakeries to make macarons in Brisbane, Monsieur Macaron.  The macarons are baked everyday to a traditional French recipe.  Flavours include rose petal, pistachio, nutella and lamington (which even looks like a lamington) and they all have a thin, crisp shell exterior with a soft, smooth interior.  If you are lucky there will be a few different …

Substation No. 41 Rum, Breakfast Creek Hotel

It’s a Tuesday night. Brisbane has been threatening and finally become unreasonably cold and few things would make me want to leave my warm cosy fireplace.

Ed+bK Bar Alexander Stone heads out into the cold on a rum mission.

A new rum will tempt though, and let me say it this one, commissioned by the rum artisans at
Substation No. 41 Rum Bar, definitely warmed me up from the inside out.

Substation No. 41 is the Breakfast Creek Hotel’s premier rum bar. Opened in 2012, it claims the title of Australia's largest rum bar with over 500 different rums from 50 different countries across the globe.

Steak at Breakfast Creek Hotel

The rum is named after the bar it’s served in, Substation No 41, which was originally an electrical substation as you might have guessed from the name.

It’s made from Queensland molasses and other natural ingredients by brothers Stuart and Simon Griffith along with the expertise of the whole Substation No 41 bar staff.

The team took over a year to narrow it …

Discover destination dining at it's best at Lake House

The Lake House at Daylesford is what destination dining is all about.

This place is so gorgeous I feel as though I'm in a photo shoot for a glamorous magazine. It's about an hour and a half of driving from Melbourne to get there but well worth the effort.  Of course, even better if you indulge in a few wines and stay there.

With two Chefs Hats, The Australian Hot 50 and Australia's Wine List of the Year to its credit, it's no surprise the the food is an exquisite combination of perfect local produce carefully prepared to highlight the flavours and presented on the plate as a picture.  It's all overseen by Culinary Director Alla Wolf-Tasker, a luminary in the food world.

Virtually everything, from the house baked breads to the extensive range of charcuterie, is made on premise.  And it tastes like it.

Our lunch is in the newly opened Waterfront Pavilion which puts our group even closer to Lake Daylesford.  From the lunch table I can see the tracks winding around th…

In search of Australian cuisine

With seven chef hats between them and a penchant for food that pushes boundaries, Ben Shewry, Josue Lopez and James Viles are well qualified to lead the search for true Australian cuisine.

Ben Shewry of Melbourne’s three-hatted Attica, James Viles of the double-hatted Biota Dining in NSW and Josue Lopez of one hat GOMA Restaurant (The Gallery of Modern Art) chewed the fat for Good Food Month on the topic My Country, My Cuisine.

Top 10 for Brisbane's Good Food Month Dining at GOMA Restaurant

Forgetting meat pies, vegemite, lamingtons and pavlovas, what comes to your mind with the term Australian cuisine? Do you think of wallaby blood pancakes, kangaroo jerky or nasturtium juice?

The chefs were in agreement on the use of Australian native foods and spices,  flavours that are now being sourced by international chefs, as an important development in our national palate.

They also were buoyed by diners acceptance for the dish adventures in their restaurants and revelled in the freedom gr…