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Some like it very hot at Nahm, some like it not.

Sitting in the 13th spot on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list and taking the title of Best in Asia, dining at Nahm is a very special experience.

It's even more special for Australians as it positions Australian-born chef David Thompson as a Thai cuisine expert.

However be warned - there are no concessions for timid chilli lovers here so choose your dishes with care.  When they say hot, they mean hot as the expressions on the faces of two experienced Thai food lovers proved to me over dinner.  Comical as they were, I was not keen to join their ranks.

Nahm serves Thai food made to recipes with an ancient origin from the cookbooks of former Thai matriarchs - there are no compromises. Choose from an a la carte or a set menu which is designed to give the perfect Thai combination of spicy, sweet, bitter and sour.

Our meal started with a selection of small tastes with an interesting variety and depth of flavour. They were little mouth bombs with the perfect balance between elemen…

Ya Ya Bar & Eatery, Samford.

"What's the best place to eat in Samford?" I asked my Twitter friends.

There were several contenders, including the back deck on someone's home, but Ya Ya Bar & Eatery in Samford's Main Street, was a clear winner.

So that's where we headed early on a beautifully clear Sunday morning to meet with friends and then head on a motor cycle ride out into the hills.

Yes, I am revealing myself as a motor cycle rider.  Our 'gang' has of weekend warriors been dubbed 'Sons of Arthritis' and takes to the road for short and longer trips around the countryside. There are a few rules - no leathers (so last century - we are all outfitted in high tech gear), no pony tails (except for the women) and no Harleys - however that could all change at a whim.

Some of our group are nearly locals and agree that Ya Ya Bar is a top place for breakfast and also doubles as a great bar at night.

It was good to see a breakfast menu that went beyond the ordinary with devil…

Ribs & Burgers, James Street, Fortitude Valley

Simple food done very well is the hallmark for Ribs & Burgers which recently opened in James Street, Fortitude Valley.

You'll find it just outside the cinema, next to Harveys.

Their burgers ooze freshness, great ingredients and sauces that lift and separate, about as far away from Maccas as you'll get.

The line up is not that dissimilar to Grilled and neither is the decor but the sizes a little less generous and the prices a little higher. However the guarantee here is that the meat is pure beef with no binding agents, no salt, no flavours. It's also free range, hormone free and anti-biotic free but definitely not flavour free.

We taste tested a steakhouse burger (see top photo) ($18) and lamb burger ($16) and both were excellent. They arrived on a board which was good because the juicy meat dripped a lot.  This is messy food to eat with your fingers burger style, but somehow a knife and fork just seems so wrong for a burger.

Sides include chips, onion rings and chic…

Carseldine Farmers Markets - I went and I saw

I went to the Carseldine Farmers Market which opened today and I was not the only person who thought it was a good morning to head to a market.

Warm weather and a clear blue sky, near perfect Brisbane July weather is also perfect for market browsing as the crowds attested. Note to self: next time go much earlier! 

I wasn't the only one surprised by the huge turn out.  By 10 am several of the farmer stalls had sold out and were packing up.  Good news for them.  I hope they bring more produce next week as there were plenty of people still willing to buy.

This is a very large market set amidst the grounds of the old QUT Campus at Carseldine.  It's easy to find just off Beams Road and there are parking spaces for 650 cars, although nearly everyone seemed full when we arrived.

There's a wide selection of food. We enjoyed a market breakfast which cost $8 each. I think that was good value for two eggs, a few pieces of thick, crisp bacon and a slice of sour dough.  K2 had a muff…

Navala Churrascaria, Riverside Quarter

The air is filled with a delicious roasting aroma, there's a man standing in front of me carving thick slices of rare beef onto my plate and a perfect wiggling female bottom wearing only a g-string sashays past.

Navala Churrascaria has added new flavour to the Riverside Quarter on Eagle Street where you'll also find Jellyfish Restaurant, Black Bird Bar & Grill and Pig & Whistle.

Ancient Brazilian cooking techniques are responsible for the oh-so-tender skewers of slow cooked meat that wander the room courtesy of the wait staff.  The stand at the table with a long knife in hand and a questioning look to see if you'd like to try their offering. It's a carnivore's dream come true.

The selection of meats included rotisserie skewer flank steak, rump, pork neck, lamb rump, coconut fish, garlic prawns, pork leg, chicken breast and more.  From the fire pit the choices include whole pork belly, whole suckling pig, aged rib on the bone and more.  There's 22 meats…