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Carseldine Markets have the taste of summer

If you go down to Brisbane's Carseldine markets today, you're sure to find brownies and jams, avocados and relishes, sunflowers and chopping boards.  It's all local, much is home made and it's the taste of summer.

Here's what you'll find -

There should be a law about brownies that taste this good.  I don't know what Zoe puts in to her brownies, but I suggest putting them in a hard to get to spot or you will eat them all at once. Using a family recipe, Zoe's brownies have moved on from the traditional brownie to include over 30 flavours. Find them at the Carseldine Markets every Saturday.

The fresh, crusty bread from  Northside Artisan Bakers & Co is worth a visit alone. A true artisan bakery that specialises in organic products, you'll find their breads and pastries at the Carseldine and Nundah Markets.

Skilled woodworker Larry Maykin has over 30 years experience in creating unique wooden pieces in solid timber. You'll find Lazy Lar…

10 reasons to celebrate Christmas at Emporium

Simplify dining in the silly season with Emporium’s selection of eateries and tick all your boxes in one easy swoop.

Centrally located between Ann and Wickham Streets in Fortitude Valley, Emporium has choices ranging from friendly fine dining to casual take away, including Indian, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, modern Australian or Middle Eastern. 

You can be oh-so-healthy with raw, vegan or gluten free or indulge with dumplings, burgers or pastries.  Dessert can be ice cream or sticky date pudding.   Finish with cocktails, whisky or a frozen margarita.

1.    Tony’s table at Tartufo
Sit yourself down at chef/owner Tony Percuoco’s table and dine like you are joining him for dinner at home.  It’s family style, with dishes emerging from the kitchen to be enjoyed and shared. One of Brisbane’s best Italian restaurants, Tartufo’s menu is full of century old dishes given Tony’s modern twist.  My pick is the carpaccio di manzo – thinly sliced raw beef tenderloin drizzled with extr…

What fish are you eating? Matthew Evans calls for accurate seafood labelling

What sort of fish is it? Where and how was it caught or farmed?  These are the questions that you should be asking and receiving accurate answers to, each time you buy or order seafood.

Walk into your local seafood shop and you'll often find there's little detail on the fish, prawns or crabs for sale, particularly if it's the 'special of the day' or ubiquitous 'reef fish'.  Likewise at your local cafe and restaurant you'll often find extensive details on the beef and even lamb, but little information on the fish available. 

"Without laws requiring accurate labelling, Queenslanders, not surprisingly, end up buying imported, cheaper seafood over local produce, without recognising the choice they're making," says Tasmanian farmer, chef and author Matthew Evans.

Serving up locally caught sustainable fish straight off the barbecue for the Brisbane launch of the Label My Fish Alliance was Richard Webb, chef and former owner of Brisbane's S…

Lunch with Lisa Ray, Canada's Top Chef host

"So what exactly are crusted bug tails?" said actress, television host for Canada's Top Chef and experienced traveller Lisa Ray.

From the confused look on her face, Ray obviously suspected Brisbane's much awarded e'cco bistro had some sort of crisp insect on the menu.

While the waitress described bug tails to Ray as a cross between a prawn and a lobster, I decided on a trio of artisan oysters from Batemans Bay in New South Wales, clair de lune, en surface and rusty wire, followed by the sea caught barramundi.

Ray, who also decided to try the local flavour of barramundi, confessed that the demands of travelling encourage her to choose simple, light options rather than the adventurous, a policy with which I can fully empathise.

Faced with 'bugs' on the menu, it was a fair response from someone new to Australia's quirky slang language and an amusing start to an entertaining lunch.

Bugs are actually properly called Moreton Bay Bugs or Slipper Lobsters a…

Breakfast at Paddington Deli & Epicerie

It's only six months since Paddington Deli & Epicure opened its doors in the Paddington Antique Centre building on Latrobe Terrace.

Deli owner Antoinette Pease has expanded her original offering with the assistance of key new staff including Stu from Stu's Smoked Sauces and a pastry chef.

The shop is now a cave of delights with shelves full of high quality produce and cabinets showing food that demands to be eaten. The only problem is what to choose.

We worked our way through the new breakfast menu with includes Stu's toasted muesli which comes in a generous serve with strawberries and grated apple, crisp potato rosti with smoked salmon topped scrambled eggs dotted with capers and gluten free zucchini and corn fritters accompanied by avocado salsa.

The Big Deli Breakfast is the menu star and includes slices of chorizo that had K2 demanding more, along with herb-stuffed mushrooms and blistered red cherry tomatoes.

There were also a couple of new lunch items to try - P…

Jamie's Italian, Brisbane

"It's good," said a passer by on the street as I stopped to take a photo of the entrance of newly opened Jamie's Italian in Brisbane.

Facing Edward Street, just over the road from Queen's Plaza, the restaurant is much bigger than it looks with two levels of dining accommodating up to 240 guests stretching right back into the building, the historic Rowes Arcade.

You might know the spot as the former Rosie's Tavern, scene of many a memorable Brisbane night, but there's no doubt that the stage is now set for many more memorable nights to come. The decor is funky urban with scrubbed back brick walls, leadlight highlights, pink leather bar stools and a grand chandelier overseeing the lot.

Dominating the top level is the antipasti bar hung with all manner of delectables and a production engine for the popular signature planks. The plank is a great way to work yourself through the menu with cured meats, season vegetables and cured and crispy fish options availa…

Restaurant Two, Brisbane

It's the intriguing idea of hay-infused mayonnaise, pea ice cream and a wattle duck breast combination that tantalise my taste buds while I'm anticipating Restaurant Two's mid week degustation.

Competitively priced at $60 per person (even numbers only), this is a mid week dining treat that's perfect for celebrations large or small or just because you deserve it.

Portion sizes are packed with flavour but not in size so the end of the meal arrives and you are not left feeling like you've been eating for Australia.

With 15 years of experience running Restaurant Two, chef/owner David Pugh certainly knows how to devise a menu.  It starts with a slice of sour dough accompanied by cultured butter that is so appetising I want to eat the loaf.  There's also  a small amuse bouche with cream cheese and the thinnest slices of cucumber.

Asparagus soup with chicken, mushroom and hazelnut tastes a lot better than it looks or sounds.  The vast expanse of green soup is infused…