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Nearly guilt-free chocolate Easter eggs

The Underground Food Project at Small Batch

When two British Chefs come to Australia full of ideas and passion, what do they do?

Alexander Stone investigates for Ed+bK
Do they open a restaurant, do the normal crawl through venues along the coast or try something new and a little left of centre? 
Phil Marchant and Josh Raine went for option three and started the Underground Food Project. No restaurant, just pop up events and adventures are in these boy's sights. 
Aiming to capture a boutique target market, they want to create a sense of anticipation with a mix of creative marketing via social media and their website. 
These boys will be staging events at places you wouldn't expect. How about a whiskey-inspired breakfast at a boutique bar? Sounds good to me. Next maybe a American barbecue in a barbershop or a vegan tasting in a garden centre?
I was lucky enough to try out a selection of small bites from The Underground Food Project on Monday night and the focus and passion these chefs clearly showed through the food on of…

Black Hide Steakhouse, Petrie Terrace

The words running through my head as I take another bite of the steak au poivre at Black Hide Steakhouse are 'this is one of the best steaks I've eaten'.

Meltingly tender Angus eye fillet with a marble score of 3+, it comes accompanied by bone marrow removed from the bone onsite and wrapped in potato.  I'm alternating between the marrow and the steak and combining the two, luxuriating in the smooth texture and greasy goodness against the buttery flesh.

Handpicked by Stanbroke from their Queensland farms, the grain fed eye fillet was cooked medium rate on a Montague Broiler, a piece of cooking equipment imported from the US.  It's on the menu at Black Hide for $45.50 for 250gm.

Black Hide Steakhouse is located in the position formerly occupied by Gambaro's fish and chip outlet.  As Black Hide Director John Gambaro admitted, the family knows plenty about seafood but opening a steakhouse was always going to be a challenge.

What evolved was a partnership between t…

Top 5 Brewsvegas 2015 events

It's that time of year again. The Brisbane beer elves are about and there's no doubt that they are inviting us all for a drink or two at some of the city's top bars.
Eat,drink+beKerry Bar expert Alexander Stone gives his top five picks for the best Brewsvegas events.
It’s Brewsvegas, your best excuse for midweek / midday drinking, so pull up your socks and help me enjoy my favourite events.

Newstead Brewing – Barrel of laughs
What can make beer better? Aging it in wine barrels of course! A Baltic Porter, Barleywine, Sour Saison and a Cider all aged in different wine barrels will be available all day. Grab a paddle and a meal for $30. Only available on Tuesday though so chuck a sickie at lunch time and go have some beer. Tuesday 24th, all day, 85 Doggett Street, Newstead, Queensland, Australia

Bitter Suite – Butterflies in the brew
Rum, beer and chocolate these are some of my favourite things. Sample five Angostura rums with five hearty 4 Pines beers with chocolate plus drie…

Eagle Rock Cafe, Laidley

Now listen, we're steppin' out and I'm gonna turn around, gonna turn around once and we'll do the Eagle Rock at Laidley!

Pull on your flairs, put on your dancing shoes, let your hair down and gather around the juke box to share the dream of Gary and Denise Morris who own Eagle Rock Cafe in downtown Laidley, about an hour's drive from Brisbane in the Lockyer Valley.

Drawing on memorabilia from their personal collection built over a lifetime and sourced from flea markets, antique shops and garage sales, the decor at Eagle Rock Cafe is worth a visit alone. It's changed on a regular basis so there's always something new to browse.

Popular with visiting bike, car and dance clubs, the cafe is also a favourite with locals and has bounced back after two devastating floods.

The rock and roll themed menu has a great selection of burgers and an old favourite, the Shirley Temple (pink lemonade).  Burgers come with chips and it's a generous serve.

The menu includes…

Hilton Brisbane - Staycation in the city

Known as the Brisbane city hotel with the huge, 26 floor atrium inside, Hilton Brisbane is more than conveniently positioned amongst prime shopping outlets in the Queen Street Mall.
Designed by legendary Australian architect Harry Siedler, this is a hotel that has stood the test of time and with recently renovated rooms, offers a more than conveniently positioned base for visitors to Brisbane.
Hilton has a Be a Weekender campaign to encourage more people to holiday at home, get off the couch and reclaim the weekend by becoming a guest in your own city. It’s all about exploring and being a kid again, releasing your inner child.
Accompanied by my beautiful and talented daughter (mother’s bragging rights invoked), I stayed at Hilton Brisbane to experience the city I was born in as a traveller, not a local and indulge in mother/daughter bonding.

Once we settled the discussion over who would sleep in which bed, it was down to the serious business of dressing for dinner with a glass of champa…