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7 News Nibbles from this week’s Food News

Tea time at Fraser Island's International Airport

Welcome to Fraser Island's international airport says the fresh-faced pilot as he smoothly lands the plane.

I've been in some unusual airports - Birdsville's dusty track where the plane pulls up opposite the pub for the shortest stroll to the bar and another on Koh Samui in Thailand where it was free food and cordial for all in high-backed cane chairs as we waited for the plane in an open air pavilion- but this one is in a class of its own.

There's no luggage trolleys or even a coffee kiosk at Fraser's airport but the view of the long stretch of eastern coastline at 75 Mile Beach with its blue sky and rolling lines of waves is hard to beat. It's simply the best patch of hard-packed sand that could be scouted out this morning by the Air Fraser beach spotter.

We've been driving Fraser's sand tracks in a hired four wheel drive from our weekend accommodation at Kingfisher Bay Resort to reach the beach. It was a bouncy journey made more interesting by our …

7 top Brisbane food news nibbles

This week's top food news - Southern-style comfort, chef helps typhoon victims, mojito manicure, Malaysian feast, doing it daily, top apprentice and Christmas masterclass.
Who’s your papa?
Frozen Bourbon milk punch?  Doesn’t sound like the drinks my papa used to serve but then he wasn’t from New Orleans, the city that has inspired soon-to-open Papa Jacks at M&A in Fortitude Valley (artist's impression above).

A first for Brisbane and oozing Creole-inspired cool, Brisbane’s first New Orleans’ inspired bar and restaurant will also serve up sazerac and gumbo from late November.

Who is behind the bar and whipping up a storm in the kitchen? It’s the darlings of Brisbane’s bar scene, Emily and Marco Nunes (pictured above), who also brought you Woolloongabba’s beloved Canvas.

M&A is shaping up just fine and the laneway love will definitely be something to check out. Get ready for Papa Jacks Brisbane!

Touched by tragedy
Moved by the human disaster happening in the Philippine…

What’s new in Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

It’s my favourite holiday spot, give or take few kilometres, and it’s probably yours too.

Want to know what’s hot and happening in your beloved Noosa? Wondering what new restaurants you will be able to explore or looking for somewhere new to stay?

Here’s 7 top tips -
Try a cocktail at Miss Moneypenny’s

Located on the Noosa Woods end of Hastings Street, Miss Moneypenny’s is the brainchild of acclaimed mixology master Ben Walsh.  The restaurant offers a smart cocktail and dining destination providing a salivating menu of liquid creations, along with a gourmet selection of sharing plates and Mediterranean home style inspired cuisine.

Go Italian at Locale 

Rio Capurso of Lindoni’s fame (which closed earlier this year) has teamed up with Brent Ogilvie from Rickys to create Locale, a modern Italian trattoria. Located in the French Quarter on Hastings Street (that’s the National Park end), Locale is open from 11am for lunch, dinner and everything in between. ww…

Where to find five top restaurants in Taipei

There's no shortage of great places to eat in Taipei because the Taiwanese really, really love food, really. Food is never far from their minds even when they have just finished eating!

Here're five restaurants where you can't go wrong -

Silks Palace First, wonder at the beauty and creativity of Taiwan’s national treasures in the National Palace Museum and then head next door to eat them. True!

The chefs at Silks Palace spend hours painstakingly recreating imitations of the revered Meat Stone, Jadeite Cabbage, and Ting Cauldron, with curio cabinet full of sweet ’ornaments’ for dessert. The eight-course lunch is a perfect was to finish a museum visit.

Cow Cafe, Taipei 101 Once you’ve worked your way through the crowds, you might want to stop and enjoy the view at top (see photo below).

This cafe is located close to the lift when you first arrive at Taipei 101. You won't miss the cute cow and the cow hide pattern covered chairs.

DinTaiFung Dumpling HouseDown in the base…