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Is it a train or is it a house?

The mystique of train travel is bit lost on me. I know the journey is part of the experience but I’d rather just have that part over and done with as quickly as possible.
And sleeping on a train? Well in theory I can conjure up scenes from “North by North West” with the debonair Cary Grant lurking around a corner. In reality I just got bored.  I’m obviously shallow but that’s the truth.
On the other hand I found the The Harrington Glen Trainhouse absolutely fascinating.

Fresh produce market update

Big cupcakes!

When a little cupcake just won’t do, sometimes you just have to think big!
I am lining up to try this new Wiltshire Partybake ‘Decorate Me’ Big Cupcake Pan.

Tasty bits from bmag - February 22

Press, James Street, Fortitude Valley

The latest eatery in James Street, Press is a tiny pop-up that eats up a bit of the car park in the shopping strip on the corner of James Street and Robertson Streets.

If you're more the visual type, it's just over the road from Easton Pearson, nearly next door to that fabulous lingerie shop Puritan!

Urban Grind, Paddington

Much loved Urban Grind is back on the streets of Paddington, Brisbane!

The shop at 131 Latrobe Terrace is so similar to their old haunt down in Given Terrace that you'll immediately feel at home.  All that's missing is that colourful wall!

In season this week - Feb 15

Here's the latest report from the Brisbane Produce Market.

Watch out for the new season achacha, a reddish-orange, egg-shaped fruit, grown in the Burdekin that is a taste balance between sweet and tart, with a delicate sorbet finish. They keep for weeks in the refrigerator and can also be frozen.

Cupcakes by K, Chermside West, Brisbane

I'm back on serious hunt for Brisbane's best cupcakes as I've been asked to nominate my top three!

I am revisiting previous faves and visiting those that have fallen through the gap like Cupcakes by K.

Doing chocolates for Valentine's Day? You are so last week!

If you want to move beyond chocolates and flowers for Valentines Day but can't afford dinner at Aria, maybe there is an alternative.

It's hot and saucy and definitely much kinder on your pocket to opt for a heart-shaped gourmet pizza for your Valentine's dinner.

Posh Pizza  at New Farm very kindly sent me one to try.  It was as heart-shaped as a pizza can be with a thin crispy base and a nice amount of topping. I'm not sure what the combo was but there was a touch of fire and some seafood which worked well.

Tabitha's Place, Portside, Hamilton

Always on the hunt for a good cupcake, I took the opportunity presented by an unscheduled stop at Portside on Sunday to check out Tabitha's Place.

I've sampled Tabitha's cupcakes previously when they were a regular stall holder at the monthly Portside Markets but not had the chance to check out the shop.

Fresh produce market update

Here's the latest Brisbane Produce Market fresh produce report: 8 February 2011

Fruit and vegetable quality is a day-by-day proposition in the week ahead but despite North Queensland’s devastating cyclone damage and last week’s heat waves in the southern states, there is still plenty of fresh food on greengrocers’ shelves.

Bananas have been the worst affected with prices rising sharply. Mangoes and papaws will be scarce.

However, there are plenty of other fruit options that may be a little ugly but remain tasty, including good quality lychees, peaches, nectarines and Australian and New Zealand apricots.

Tasty bits from bmag - February 8

Here's the latest bmag Tasty bits with a roundup of Valentines suggestions, new Brisbane food touring company Food TourT, Macarons at Freestyle Escape with Adriano Zumbo and a salute to Bernadette O'Shea.

Flood relief raffle - win wine!

Mother nature might keep throwing her worst at us but the strong support for victims of her fury is something of a silver lining.  

There's a way for everyone to lend support and here's one that might put a real smile on your face - 300 vineyards and wineries have donated almost a quarter of a million dollars worth of exclusive wine and other prizes to the Australian Wine Trade Flood Relief Raffle.

Wray Organic, Newmarket

When you are feeling like a healthy fix, Wray Organic offers a selection of breakfast, lunch and snack options.

We stopped at their Newmarket store but they have four locations, two on the Gold Coast and two in Brisbane, where you can enjoy similar food.

Great Green Way, Townsville to Cairns

When I travelled the Great Green Way from Townsville to Cairns I passed through many of the communities that have recently received the wrath of cyclone Yasi.

Here's what it used to look like in my story for Jetstar's inflight magazine.

Cafe Conti, Wilston, Brisbane

Wilston Village on Kedron Brook Road has more than a good choice of restaurants.  
Fitting happily into the mix is Café Conti run by Graham and Lin Penfold, taking up a prime corner position under shelter from a large tree.

In season this week - Feb 1

Here's the latest report from the Brisbane Produce Market.

There is no need to panic buy with plenty of fruit and vegetables on the greengrocer's shelves, although be prepared to pay more for quality and try not to store it for long periods of time.

Serge Danserearu's French Kitchen book launch

It was a magical day on the Brisbane River with Drift's large picture windows taking in the sweep of water that stretches from Milton to the city centre.

Chef Serge Dansereau of the iconic Bather’s Pavilion held his "French Kitchen" book launch at Drift late last year.

It's not an event that can be repeated any time soon as Dift suffered badly in the recent flood, but we can relive the fabulous food recreated on the day by long-time friend and Drift Head Chef Romain Bapst.