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Join the power with fun finds at a fabulous market

It's the thrill of discovery, the possibility of finding something new and exciting to delight my palate that makes me get out of bed early on a weekend morning and head to a farmers market.

And I'm rarely disappointed, especially when it's the Jan Powers Market at the Powerhouse which is now held every Saturday. On my last visit, I found some interesting local producers that I'd like to share with you but first I'm outing myself as a mad dog woman.

Yes, that's me at the market, with my 13-year-old corgi in a pram.  Before you declare me insane, take a look at the happy look on his face.  He's a different dog since I started taking him out in this $50 pram I bought on Gumtree.  His back legs don't work very well anymore so this the best, actually the only way to get him around because he is too heavy to carry very far.  So laugh you might at this soft-hearted fool, but all the reward I need is in his deep brown eyes.

What did I find?  First stop was Th…

How to choose the best bed in New York

It might be the city that never sleeps, but exploring New York is exhausting and you certainly will want to rest your head and the rest of your body in the best bed for you before another day in this blow-your-mind city.

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the vast array  of accommodation options.

As a first time New York visitor I was a little overwhelmed by the vast accommodation options. After a week in residence, my opinion the best bed is the one that suits both you and your budget.  What I appreciated most was somewhere that was very comfortable to relax in after a hard day's sightseeing which for me was Hotel Beacon on the Upper West side.

It's not hard to get anywhere in New York, and you'll be travelling widely to enjoy all the city has to offer. If you are new to to the city,  you might look at a map and think it's all very walkable.  While this is definitely a city where you should pack your comfortable shoes, unless you are really, really into walking,  the d…

Down on your knees and pray for coffee this good

It's smooth and velvety but still packs a punch without any bitterness, my perfect cup of coffee. Find it at Reverand's Fine Coffee in Fortitude Valley's Brunswick Street. It's the house blend.

There's all the standard options here but also the opportunity to try Chemex, Aero Press and Cold Drip versions.

To find Reverends, head from the Brunswick Street Mall towards the New Farm end of the street.  It's only one block and is right next door to the 50-year-old Giardinetto Restaurant.

Outside is a fine old wooden church pew which gives a clue to the name, a nickname the owner Luke won in his previous life as a pastor.

The interior is very industrial chic with concrete bench tops, exposed brick walls and wooden tables. It's the sort of heritage working mash that fits so well into the edgy Fortitude Valley scene.

While the coffee is definitely worth seeking out, as Luke pointed out to me, they are just as keen on their tea here.  Served in a delightfully quir…

Insider top tips for a fabulous Noosa Food & Wine weekend

It’s the quick or the hungry for the Noosa Food & Wine from May 20 to 22, as tickets for popular events are snapped up by those in the know, but there are still great chances to have a memorable food experience over the weekend.

With the opening event, closing event and the Noosa Street Feast Long Lunch on Hastings sold out, take a tip and turn your attention to the chef dinners before it’s too late. (Hint - keep ahead of the pack and sign up for their newsletter.)

This year it’s all about letting the creativity of Noosa chefs shine showcasing the bounty of the region.  They don’t have to work hard to locals convince that this is going to be a great event as over 60 percent of tickets sold have been to  Queenslanders with interstate food lovers picking up the other 40 percent.

Here are three top dining options  -

An evening at Season with Ben O’Donoghue

You’ll know Ben from his stints on television (he can cook a mean barbecue) but this time, there’s the added attraction of outst…

Cake & Bake by the house of Hancock

It's that moment when you walk through the door, and the aroma of freshly baked cakes drifts seductively past your nose. That's when you should abandon all hope of leaving without some goodies tucked into a brown paper bag under your arm.

Jocelyn Hancock, who recently opened Cake & Bake at West End, is one of Brisbane's baking icons. She's a woman with strong country roots who knows good produce when she sees it and prefers to cook with it.

Cake & Bake is the sort of place where I head to with the thought of buying one thing and leave with my arms full of products I just can not resist.

Pop in for lunch and you can have your choice from a cabinet filled with flaky base quiches, fritters, pies and salads made from fresh local ingredients.  There are two tables with stools if you want to eat in house and food can be purchased on paper trays with plastic utensils, so it's like eating at a market only much more comfortable.The coffee is a full flavoured blend.

Food is the medicine at The Apo

Although there's not a pill in sight, the exposed hand-made brick walls of Fortitude Valley restaurant and bar The Apo speak of medical history.

This heritage-listed building dates from 1862 and was known as an Apothecary Hall. Sort of like an old fashioned chemist, an Apothecary is a person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs. It's always a challenge to bring a building like this into the future but Apo does it well and that's even before you've eaten a mouthful.

It doses out the sort of medicine  I like to take frequently - good food, excellent  wine and interesting decor.
The chef is Braden White who was last at Ricky's on the Sunshine Coast but previously worked for the Moubarak group at Hatch & Co.  His menu is an interesting read with much that demands to be tasted.

Not only does it read well, the menu also has it's moments of drama with oysters sitting in a bed of misty smoke courtesy of a dry ice treatment created at the table.

Perhaps my favo…