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Foundry Artisan Coffee, Indooroopilly

It's the sort of grunge-style coffee shop you'd expect to find lurking in the alleyways of Melbourne rather than the bright and shiny corridors of Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

Yet here it is, an outpost of hessian with cold drip dribbling down twisty tubes and a long line up of eager patrons at Foundry Artisan Coffee.

The other surprising feature is the view. Rarely is there an opportunity to see out of a large shopping centre.  I think shopping centres designers want you to forget a world exists outside.  Instead of staring at the walls, at Foundry the view flows over Indooroopilly with a pleasing amount of greenery.

I was on a shopping mission so only stopped briefly for a coffee but I hear that the cabinets are full of gluten free goodies and there's a selection of cold drip coffees available.

A bit shout out to Christopher Ganzer who told me Foundry has the best coffee in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and I think he's right.  They are using Dramanti beans and m…

10 top lunch spots in Brisbane

Where can you find a great lunch in Brisbane? I've picked out 10 of my favourites which all tick the boxes for different reasons, to share with you.

If your favourite Brisbane lunch spot is not covered, please leave a suggestion in the comments section below.


Gerard's  Bistro, Fortitude Valley
The plate arrived with perilla leaves face down over small parcels of yellow fin tuna, salted mulberries and black ants. It was my first pick when perusing the menu at Gerard's Bistro in Brisbane's food centric James Street, where Chef Ben Williamson's food has almost reached legendary status.

My pick: Suckling pig, fossilised pear, caramelised blood, Jerusalem artichoke and walnuts.
Bottom line:
Best for:  Fabulous all rounder with interesting food that will also entertain. Works best as a share plate.

Remy's, Paddington The Remy's promise is simple tasty food served in a streetside, open-air cafe setting amongst the buzz of Paddington's Latrobe Terrace.…

Dukes Burgers, Sunshine Beach

Everybody loves a gourmet burger these days and Sunshine Beach locals and holiday makers are no exception.
Named after the street it overlooks, Dukes Burgers plays a day/night tag team with The Deck café. At around 5pm Dukes’ brightly coloured chairs clustered around pine tables and an assortment of comfy lounges and hessian-covered crates take over the area.It reminds me of student décor – sturdy, practical and casual, yet comforting.

It’s operated by the same folk who churn out great food at Fratelini’s just a few doors up the street.
Duke Street has a good selection of dining options including Coconut Grove, Marble Bar, XO Bistro and newly opened Dragon Bull, which is also on my list to try.

The burger menu has five options including wagyu beef with mustard, pulled pork with Louisiana style BBQ sauce, shredded chicken with streaky bacon and avocado and a battered snapper burger with smashed peas and capers.
We sampled the pulled pork and snapper burgers and rated both 3.5 out of 5.


Five Brisbane foodies share their Christmas ham plans

Nothing says Christmas more to me than a big leg of ham slowly roasting in the oven and the prospect of eating it for Christmas lunch.

Every year we work though the ham over a week or so of sandwiches, ham and egg breakfasts, and finally ham and egg quiche. I always save the ham bone, intending to make pea and ham soup, and throw it out around July when I clean the freezer.

I’m not alone when it comes to enjoying ham for Christmas.  Jerome Dalton, who heads up leading Brisbane caterer Dalton Hospitality, says he was planning on eating his own ham this year.

“I did plan on my own ham from our pigs but an unfortunate cool room breakdown ended that dream,” says Dalton.  "Each year we buy free range hams from Tillari Trotters who farm at Tamworth. These local hams are quite dry, unlike the poor quality imported ones. The only cruelty at our Christmas table is that I cook and then wash up!”

Jerome's Ham Glaze
1 litre of cloudy apple juice reduced to around 50 percent until it brown…

Airline food – dining with Cathay Pacific

There’s eager anticipation flowing in the cabin as the flight attendant starts serving meals to the people in front. Time to straighten up your chair, pull down your tray and get ready to dine.

The arrival of a meal on a long haul flight can be a wonderful diversion from the fact that you’ve been sitting in the same seat for six hours and have more than six still to go. When it’s light and appetising, attractively presented and full of flavours the day suddenly seems so much better.

Flying from Brisbane to Hong Kong, on to London and back the same way gave me the opportunity to experience Cathay's economy and business class travel.   Of course business class was a much 'smoother' ride but economy was not too shabby either and the food on both exceeded my expectations.

While passengers only see their food travel a short distance down the aisle, there’s obviously a lot more behind the scenes action required. I had a chat with Cathay Pacific Manager Catering Services Aaron …

Koko Black, Indooroopilly

Smooth, rich, creamy - it's everything you want from a chocolate and it's now at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre at Koko Black.

With a range of premium chocolates backed by a cafe serving hot chocolate and chocolate-themed desserts, this Koko Black store has plenty to tempt.

Taking pride of place in the entrance are cabinets filled with rows of gleaming chocolates - white, milk dark, classic belgian truffles, salted caramels, hazelnut clusters. You can build your own chocolate gift boxes from the extensive selection.

Particularly pretty are the walnut chocolates which have half an organic walnut encased in a chocolate shell.  Koko Black founder Shane Hills says the walnuts are picked straight from the farm by Koko Black employees, then roasted and turned into chocolates.  Once they run out of the fresh walnuts, that's it, no more walnut chocolates!

There are slabs of Tasmanian leatherwood honeycomb sandwiched between chocolate and chocolates on a stick to satisfy small and …