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Foods for lovers and win a luxury massage

If you are hoping to inspire luck in love on Valentines Day, here are 10 aphrodisiac foods that might just do the trick.

The perfect menu for Valentines Day starts with a glass of champagne and and appetiser of guacamole. Follow with a dozen oysters and an asparagus quiche topped with basil.

Share a banana and finish with chocolate covered almonds and a few figs for good measure.

If you would like to treat your special Valentine with a one and a half hour mobile (it comes to you) Ripple Massage Day Spa Package, please leave a comment below.  We are looking for your most romantic Valentines Day experience, real or imagined. Check the conditions at the end of this post.

Here's what to eat and drink for Valentines Day.

1. Great champagne Every one and everything looks better through the bottom of a champagne glass.

2. Chocolate  Makes us happy because it contains theobromine, a stimulating alkaloid similar to caffeine.

3. Oysters  Mighty high in zinc which raises libido. Casanova…

Breakfast Creek Hotel, Albion, Brisbane.

Yo ho ho, with over 400 bottles of rum to choose from you can have a very merry time at the Breakfast Creek Hotel’s new Substation No.41 Rum Bar.

Promoted as the largest rum bar in Australia, this atmospheric drinking spot has been designed to attract both the seasoned rum drinker and those curious to taste the unique flavours of rum from around the world. 

I was brought up as a rum drinker and do love a Bundy and coke, but there's much more to excite the palate here with a rum list that includes some of the world's most rare and exclusive rums. 

Taking pride of place in a locked cabinet is a bottle of the exclusive Havana Club Maximo – one of six bottles available in Australia.  This premium product is the pinnacle of rums available in Australia. 

The Maximo bottle is housed in a stunning glass cabinet centred in the bar and it sits opposite the limited release Bacardi 150th Anniversary bottle.  The Brekky Creek is lucky to have two of the Bacardi 150th Anniversary rum bot…

Top cuts - Brisbane food news

Hearts go out to Brisbane's battling restaurateurs hit by another flood.

Thankfully those hard hit at South Bank seem to have escaped this year's water but it's not looking so good down at Eagle Street where the just opened Riverbar has been flooded, while Jellyfish is sandbagged and waiting for the flood peak at 11am.

Strong winds have caused damage at Javier Codina's Moda and rising drain water is another concern there while at Alchemy roof leaks have already caused problems and flooding is a possibility.

Achacha in season
If you've never tasted this Bolivian fruit you are in for a treat. Sweet, tangy, refreshing, sorbet-like are the descriptors for this small, white fleshy fruit with a bright orange case exterior.

Tall Short Espresso, Paddington.

Long and red, it certainly stands out in the crowd, and that's a good thing because you definitely want to be able to find the red VW kombi that is home to Tall Short Espresso at an event near you.

Now the roaming coffee makers have a new place to call home with the opening of a coffee shop on Latrobe Terrace at Paddington, Brisbane.

You'll find it by the red and black stools and black umbrellas just off the footpath.

It's all about the coffee here and the bright red coffee machine certainly turns out a good one.  Your coffee also comes with a complimentary ginger bread man.  It's only tiny, so it won't break your diet, but packed full of flavour. If you are addicted to them, you can buy a larger version, along with some muffins and biscuits.

Look out for the red kombi in Eagle Lane, down near Eagle Street Pier, 6.30am - 2pm weekdays.

Bottom line: Great coffee
Best tip:  This is a morning based operation - open 7am to 2pm.

Tall Short Coffee

Kerry Heaney

Disclaimer: T…

Your opinion? Is photography in restaurants really annoying you?

According to a report on Mashable some New York City restaurants are banning their customers from taking food photos.

They say taking photos of your meal is annoying to other customers, distracting to the chef and just plain silly.

I say, with a few self-imposed rules -

1. always ask permission
2. never use a flash
3. try to be discreet

food photography is a harmless hobby, a bonding experience with other food lovers and a great way to see what your meal could look like.

It's also a source of instant free publicity for restaurants, a rare and valuable commodity these days.

Permission to take photos has only been declined to me once, at Max Brenner in Sydney many years ago.

Have you ever been asked not to take photos?  Do you find it annoying when others take photos of their food?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Australia Day long weekend dining in Brisbane

Top Cuts from Brisbane's food news

Learn to cook Australian classics, lighter lunch options around town,  new chef on the scene, design kudos for local restaurant and a special offer for Ed+bK followers.

Here's what's happening food wise in your town -

Fire up the barbie
Spring Food & Wine is hosting an Australia Day BBQ Cooking Class on Thursday, 24 Jan.  You'll learn to throw the shrimps, kanga bangas, lamb chops and t-bones on the barbie, bake the damper, toss some delicious side salads and discover the secret to a flawless pavlova dessert.  The class is perfect for anyone wishing to brush up on their BBQ skills, hosting a soiree on Australia Day or just wanting to indulge in the holiday a little early. 6-8.30pm, $100 per person.

Do you dine out?
I'm building a picture of how often Eat,drink+beKerry followers dine out so please do me a favour and tick a box in the survey on the top right hand side of this blog post. Thank you muchly!

Also, specially for CBD workers, here's a chance to nibble …