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Sleeping around - Chile, Coolum or both?

Which would you prefer?  A night in Chile or a night in Coolum? 

Obviously, Chile looks nice James but it's a long way to go for just one night.

However, Coolum is a doddle up the road from Brisbane and so it was an easy choice to hop into the car and head north for A Night in Chile at the recently renamed Palmer Coolum Resort on the Sunshine Coast.

A taste of Coolum is the resort's annual food and wine feista, 'A Taste of Coolum' (June 22-24), and this year the theme was Chilean.  Oh how I wish I could be abducted and taken to the heart of Santiago but the resort's Village Square looked pretty lively for the night.

With highly regarded Chilean pastry chef Wuile Pineda Flores in charge, the feast was full of new pleasures and some old friends. The oysters, mussels, fish and prawns in the Chilean antipasto were fantastico and had plenty of people queuing to sample their delights.

A series of food stations positioned around the square offered soups, empanadas cooked …

Top cuts from E,d+bK

The Velo Project, Mooloolaba

At last there's an alternative to the same same of the tourist strip at Mooloolaba - The Velo project.

This cafe is very non Sunshine Coast in a good way. In fact those who hail from cold and wet Melbourne or Bondi Hipsters will feel right at home.  But that's not to say that ordinary folk won't like it too.  My mum is taking her book club there soon.

It's hard to drag your eyes away from the decor here to check the menu.  There's so many interesting things to look at - a telephone I remember my grandmother having, a old dresser filled with cute china a teapots, manikins, books and typewriters - it's all there.  The chairs and tables are totally random, motley mix as well.

The breakfast menu reads very well with lots of organic eggs, crepes, fruit salad, croissant with organic ham, and fresh daily muffins. It expands, under the 'some hours later' heading, to include baguettes with delicious fillings and plenty of extras  including side salads.

The Velo…

Foxy Drop, Woolloongabba

Perched high above the bar, the fox at the newly renamed Foxy Drop casts a disaproving eye over the premises.

He reminds me of the tiger that used to twitch its tail at the museum when ever my children pushed the button, one of V Diddy's faves.

The Foxy Drop has morphed from the Foxy Bean, a coffee spot on the same site.  It's a bigger, brighter and more welcoming set up with cushy leather chairs and a bar to prop yourself up at.  There's a lot of Queenslander charm with pressed metal for the bar backdrop, decorative arches and VJs of varying colours lining the walls.  The effect is warm and cosy.

I particularly liked the vertical green wall and the pot plants hanging from the ceiling.

The lunch menu I saw still was headed Foxy Bean and I'm hoping they have something a bit more coming as the cafe grows into it's restaurant/bar shoes.  My lunch companion Matthew chose a steak sandwich and struggled to finish it. Great steak he said, but a lot of food.  Sounds like …